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Experience Canadian Wilderness

Wolf Valley

Visit our all-inclusive wilderness resort to enjoy a front-row view of nature in all its glory.


Stay With Us

Remote Escape

Nestled in the beauty of unspoiled nature and the remote serenity offered by Wolf Valley Guest Ranch, you will have the opportunity to create precious moments while savoring this quiet sanctuary.

Escape from a busy world and discover the new luxury of being off-grid and the breathtaking noise of quiet. With a limited number of six to eight adult guests at a time, you will encounter moments of sharing while savouring your personal sanctuary, achieving a perfect balance between solitude and togetherness.

Explore the Outdoors

Enjoying Nature

Become one with nature and immerse yourself in its incredible, untamed beauty.

You’ll find yourself in the midst of nature and its vibrant wildlife. The choice is yours – go for a scenic stroll around our serene lake, track the footprints of animals, or embark on a horseback ride with an experienced guide. If you would  rather unwind, just take a seat on the porch or on the dock by the lake and relish the peacefulness. Discover the beauty of this unspoiled wilderness and open spaces. In the dark of the night, gaze at the stars so close you can almost touch them – or if you are lucky, listen to the howls of wolves or coyotes.

Bon Appetit 

Delicious Meals

At Wolf Valley Guest Ranch you will experience a great culinary variety of always fresh and lovingly created menus and selections.

In the evening, we gather at a roomy table for family-style dining. This communal approach encourages engaging conversations and provides an opportunity to share the highlights of the day in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.