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Wolf Valley Guest Ranch

Seven Golden Insights

1. Remote & Romantic Getaway

Reconnect with the beautiful nature of British Columbia and enjoy special moments surrounded by untouched beauty at the serene Wolf Valley Guest Ranch. We also offer the perfect setting for a memorable reunion.

2. Adults Only

Embrace nature’s peace at our adults only, all-inclusive resort. Enjoy quiet moments, share highlights, and savor delightful meals in a friendly, relaxed setting.

3. Relaxed Dining

Experience an all-inclusive stay at Wolf Valley Guest Ranch, where you’ll enjoy a delightful culinary variety with always fresh and lovingly created menus and selections in a relaxed atmosphere.

4. Privacy & Ecological Harmony

Our lakeside cabins offer a secluded experience surrounded by nature. Enjoy the wilderness in our solar-powered cabins.

5. Seasonal Activities

Explore year-round activities, ensuring an unforgettable experience in every season.

6. WiFi Service

Discover serenity on our off-grid property. There is no cell access at Wolf Valley Guest Ranch but enjoy unlimited WiFi in the Lodge.

7. Pet-Free Environment

At Wolf Valley Guest Ranch, you’ll meet a variety of wildlife and livestock animals. For this reason, we kindly request that you refrain from bringing any pets with you